Monday, December 24, 2012

Reggie Benjamin: Part 2

Over the years I’ve written about a lot of random things from spotting Indian people in the wild to music thoughts – some years I’ve been more consistent in writings, and others well, let’s just say less so. But the one posting which has gotten the most hits bar none is my one I did a few years back on Indian superstar music sensation Reggie Benjamin. Now the posting highlighted the fact that he was really not the entirely robust on talent…. And moreover the he may be a borderline fraud. The comments however have taken a life of their own. Look I’m not exactly that gets a bagillion comments to each asinine posting so I think 50 comments is a pretty good hit ratio. And what’s even better is that there is a regular trickle of a comment or two every month or so. Good times all around.
Now just for a moment stop being a selfish bastard and put yourself in my shoes . Everyday I putz about my regular life and my inbox gets a periodic interruption from a notice from blogspot that someone how commented to an posting I wrote 6 years ago. Now I don’t look at the ol’ blog every day but the random reminders that I have one is helpful. With the recent comments – all of which center on him being a fraud and/or terrible looking - I’ve gotten more blog reminders than normal. So it’s funny to think that perhaps Reggie Benjamin’s awfulness has both (1) brought together a hodge-podge of random readers who hath been wronged by him and (2) pushed me back into writing.

Who would’ve thunk?

So with that I think it was only apt that I do something proper with Reggie Benjamin that was more insightful than simply writing about what I think of him… no no no, I need to go big. I need to interview Reggie and I’m going to figure out a way.

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