Friday, April 22, 2011


One of the things that I take great pride in is being anal about organization...and there's no place better to demonstrate it than organizing music. It baffles me to no end when I look how my friends organize their iTunes library and see everything put about in a slipshod manner.

I mean people have music under genres like "rock," "alternative," and "hard rock." This is terrible! How the hell do you find anything? Worst yet, how can people tolerate it when the same artist has music falling in different genres? Look I think U2 has changed its sound over the years, but that doesn't mean it's not all still the same genre.

I spent a while thinking about the most efficient way to break up music in the categories that I care about....while preserving the ability to add new genres that may pop-up (e.g. mashups)

So with that I give you the breakdown in the picture on the right... broadly speaking it's filed as follows:

1) White music
2) Brown music
3) Black music
4) Dancey dance
5) Instrumental type stuff
6) World music (French pop and French hip-hop should never be confused with actually being pop or hip-hop music)
7) Movie related stuff
8) Stuff I made
9) Comedy


And then under each category you can put your numerous subcategories.

There, and that's how you make a blog post that's aimed to be informative but in actuality masks an unhealthy amount of analness.

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