Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt in Crisis (tm)

I know how to tell when something is history making.

I don't need political scientists to tell me.
I don't need news commentators to tell me.
I don't need friends and loved one to tell me.

I know something is history making when it is deemed worthy by news stations to have its own logo and graphic.

Today Egypt has earned it's stripes. Egypt, a land in the cradle of human civilization, is now ready for Prime Time. The Crisis in Egypt has received the honor of getting an on-screen logo.

CNN we salute you for saluting Egypt.

The simple but sharp logo incorporates elements of Egypt's flag, standard CNN-issue block font for "Egypt" and the cracked "crisis" font. When you see the cracked font, you know something is serious. It symbolizes tension, angst, danger...something which Arial font can't quite capture.

It's even something the old font stalwart Times New Roman can't even touch.

Over the coming days we shall chart other Egypt logos as other networks grant historic legitimacy to the events transpiring in the Middle East.

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