Monday, February 21, 2011

Chick Corea - scientologist

It's funny how sometimes many random life events seem to interact out of nowhere and weird connections are made. This sorta thing used to happen all the time in college and now...well... let's just say I'm generally happy when random things don't interact in my brain.

Several weeks ago I went to see jazz pianist great Chick Corea in concert. Now I could lie and tell you I knew about him and his place in history, etc etc etc... but I didn't.

I got free tickets and so I went. Simple. Now as it turns out Chick is a big deal. The performance was being presented by Wynton Marsalis and everything*

*I'm not quite sure what more "everything" implies. But it fits.

It was a lovely performance, mostly of old works that I had never heard with allusions to old I scantly knew. Weird highlights included Chick Corea's wife, or as I call her Corea's chick, making an appearance to sing one of the numbers.

Well so when the show ended I thought that was the end of my run-in with Mr. Corea. Well that's where I was wrong. Last week's edition of the New Yorker had a random article about scientology and the general ridiculousness of it. Good stuff, really. Well in the meat of the article it went through the origins of Scientology and its run-ins with the law.

WELL I was shocked to hear a story about some random court case in Portland where Scientologists gathered to protest some case....and in the middle of it, a concert by Scientologist Chick Corea! Whooooooa Nelly. Chick and probably his "angel wife" were crazies in the head!

Chick Corea is a Scientologist!

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