Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why are all Brits English, but all Englishmen aren't Brits? And who are the British Isles?

Apart from having jacked up teeth, Brits are really weird. They went from having an empire where the sun never set to being an association of countries and territories that no one fucking understands. I mean simple facts like every English person is British but not every Brit is English baffle most people. Furthermore what makes Great Britain great and not just Britain? And the United Kingdom, what the hell is that?

My curiosity with sorting all this out peaked when I started thinking about the 2012 Olympics and the soccer team. In regular international football England competes as its own team, but for the Olympics the host country (Great Britain) automatically qualifies for the tournament. Not a big deal, except for some reason people keep on talking about how this was a super big issue for them. Apparently a ton of work was done for the creation of a Great Britain team, but what was the issue here? What the hell does that mean? How is that different than the normal English team? Why was it so hard?

So for that reason I figured a graphical depiction of all things concerning England would be helpful. As you will see, my devastating combination of having an enthusiasm for making pictures, a dash of intellectual curiosity, and a love of colors can only lead to...well.... colorful pictures.

So here's a topographical view:

...and here's a Ven diagram....

... and if you don't like pictures, here's a mathematical version of it:

British Isles = A+B+C+D+E+F
UK = A+B+C+D
Great Britain = A+B+C
Britain= A+B

A = England
B = Wales
C = Scotland
D = Northern Ireland
E = Ireland
F = Other Islands

(Great Britain) - (Britain) = Scotland
(UK) - (Great Britain) = Northern Ireland
(UK) - (Britain) = (Scotland) + (Ireland)

There. Does that help? Good.

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Anonymous said...

shakes, great posting. why do i learn so much through your blog??

asked my brit friend to confirm your diagrams....apparently he learned a lot. which tells me that if you belong to the inner circles, you don't care much about what's going on in the outer circles.

-ciao kristinamal

Shakes said...

herro kristinamal! i guess from your assessment being British is a lot like being from OC or LA. I mean you sorta know what's around you, but no one has any clue what's going on in the Valley