Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...and now an email from the commissioner of the co-ed non-contact Sunday night floor hockey league I'm in:

Hi Bryan and Shakes,

I’m writing you in regards to your teams game last Sunday. As you know, ZogSports is a charity-focused, co-ed social sports league. While we appreciate the level of competitiveness in our league, we do not tolerate any un-sportsmanlike behavior, which includes “trash talking”, antagonizing players on other teams or their own teammates, exhibiting excessive uncontrollable play, “mouthing off” to the referee(s), verbally or physically threatening an opponent or member of our staff.

The behavior by both teams last Sunday was not consistent with the tone we strive to maintain in all of our leagues. I just wanted to remind both teams to keep these goals of sportsmanship and fair play in mind for the rest of the season so your team and your opponents can fully enjoy the games remaining.Thanks and have fun this weekend.

Andy Koleba
League Manager, Zogsports.
"Play for your cause"

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