Saturday, August 7, 2010

flight home

...and we're back.

So I was flying back to LA on Thursday night for a friend's wedding (we shall call him "Eddy C" for anonymity's sake) and on the joyful voyage home I sat next to a guy, who looked a bit frumpy. After the bizarro pair passengers in front of us ordered margaritas (apparently it's a well known option) we followed suit. The fact that the guy basically said "I'll have one too" before i finished speaking meant that the dude was in serious need of some escape.

Let's take a look at what conversation ensued!

ME: So you from LA?

GUY: No, I live in Boston, work out of New York, and have a girlfriend in LA

ME: Sweet you have all the bases covered. I'm from Orange County and work in New York now

GUY: Yeah. I'm flying to see my girlfriend. I'm supposed to move in with her by the end of the month. I think she's breaking up with me this weekend though. I've already sold most of my stuff, requested a job transfer....

ME: ....

GUY: ...and was looking to marry her.

ME: Shit.

GUY: Yeah..

ME: So...I hope there's less turbulence on this flight than your life.

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r said...

Why the " * "? Are you not really from there? Mentiroso!

r said...

Also, not a good sign when Viagara is doing ads on your blog. You should write more often to get insightful commentary from me.


Shakes said...

whoa, total typo!

Shakes said...

wait who is this?