Sunday, August 29, 2010

Orchard & Stanton

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

flight home

...and we're back.

So I was flying back to LA on Thursday night for a friend's wedding (we shall call him "Eddy C" for anonymity's sake) and on the joyful voyage home I sat next to a guy, who looked a bit frumpy. After the bizarro pair passengers in front of us ordered margaritas (apparently it's a well known option) we followed suit. The fact that the guy basically said "I'll have one too" before i finished speaking meant that the dude was in serious need of some escape.

Let's take a look at what conversation ensued!

ME: So you from LA?

GUY: No, I live in Boston, work out of New York, and have a girlfriend in LA

ME: Sweet you have all the bases covered. I'm from Orange County and work in New York now

GUY: Yeah. I'm flying to see my girlfriend. I'm supposed to move in with her by the end of the month. I think she's breaking up with me this weekend though. I've already sold most of my stuff, requested a job transfer....

ME: ....

GUY: ...and was looking to marry her.

ME: Shit.

GUY: Yeah..

ME: So...I hope there's less turbulence on this flight than your life.

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