Sunday, May 9, 2010

taxes,the post office, & Chris Drury

So a few weeks ago I was at my tax guy's office and something struck me as a little odd. You see I'm paying money for someone else to do my taxes and there I was, standing in a mid-town office, with my Tax Guy handing me a stack of papers he made for me mail. I would normally expect that the Tax Guy should do the mailing, after I am paying him to do a full job, but whatever. No biggie. Job done.

As I was walking away he noticed I was wearing an LA Kings hat and asked if I liked hockey. It's an odd question. You don't see a lot of Indian people with hockey paraphernalia generally speaking so it was kinda a stupid question. So clearly I like hockey and the Tax Guy opened up about his other clients which included athletes, such as the Rangers' Chris Drury.

Now we're cooking with gas. This seemed pretty cool. But as my Tax Guy continued to talk about the nuances of Canadian and US tax laws I could only think of one thing.... Does Chris Drury have to mail in his taxes? Does he come to my Tax Guy on a Saturday morning and then go wait in line at the post office like the rest office? I mean if we're both paying fees to our Tax Guy shouldn't we get the same level of service? Now clearly Drury has slightly more complicated taxes and pays a little more... but still.

All I could think about was how much this blew. Drury isn't going to the post office so why should I? Just because he plays hockey does that mean he's excused from going to the post office? Damn you Drury, damn you.

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