Thursday, March 25, 2010

Namaste America, the rainforests, and James Earl Jones

Have we solved the problem with the rainforests yet? I mean it hasn't been on the news for a while, so I'm pretty sure it's done. All the fires have been put out I suppose

As a kid my brother and I were forced by our parents to watch Indian TV programming on Saturday mornings. The most prominent show, which still runs today, was/is "Namaste America." Basically it was a medley of Bollywood movie clips, songs, and random interviews. Real quality programming.

But it was was the commercials that were really pure 100% Colombian awesome. Disco shit. It was a weird array of public access-esque quality commercials for Indian grocery and jewelry stores were these commercials for this rainforest preservation foundation. Providing the narration over visuals of rainforest and fires was James Earl Jones. Along with deforestation facts and whatnot the trademark moment was him trying to spur the listening audience to action by saying "It's time to stop the burning!

Moving stuff.

The thing I never understood was what kinda dipshit at the rainforest foundation thought it would be a good use of the advertising budget to capture the Saturday-morning-Indian demographic? Indians don't care about rainforests. They barely even tip the socially acceptable 15% at most meals.

I wouldn't be surprised if the rainforests were destroyed BECAUSE of these commercials. Instead of convincing Americans to take action, millions of advertising dollars were wasted as thousands of Indians saw the non-Indo-centric commercials and felt it was a good opportunity to run to the kitchen and get seconds on freshly made samosas.

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