Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and I raaaan, I ran so far awaaay

When the Smashing Pumpking proclaimed after the MTV Music Awards way back when that "rock is dead" they were.... how shall we say... a bit off. But at the time electronica was trendy (think Prodigy) and the regular guitar-bass-drum-singer rock was not in vogue.

There will always be a room for regular rock, just as pop, new wave will keep on re-emerging in the continuous music cycle. What's interesting though is the context in which they re-emerge. When new wave first appeared in the early 80s it was.... well... new, almost futuristic sounding in the sense that technology was liberally used. Synthesizers, guitars that had altered sounds... this was a fresh sound.

But when you listen to the Killers last album "Day & Age" you hear the same type of sounds...but the context of the music is to almost hearken back to a simpler time. Synthesizers are simple. It's almost meant to be nostalgic.

What's the point? Well it's nothing groundbreaking. But next time you hear a song/band that sounds like something old, just remember that it's funny how the emotions it's supposed to illicit can be "new" because it's a totally different context.

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