Saturday, February 13, 2010

and we're back

After a month off I'm back....and frankly I wondered if I wanted to write again. It's funny where I convinced myself to go back to writing - it was at my hangout, Horus on 10th & A on a Saturday afternoon. It's nice to have a place to retreat and mine is a hookah bar. And that particular afternoon the sun seeped through cold windows and lit up the worn out couch I sat on.
It's a couch pockmarked with charcoal burns from fun nights of the past. In the back you can hear the Persian cook explaining to one of the boys making a grocery store run what bread crumbs are... And this strikes me as being nice and pleasant.

Nope nothing funny here, nothing grand, but alas I'm back. Do not fear we have plenty of time to make fun of Olympic figure skater commentators...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I have missed your blogging so! -FWS

Alex said...

no you're not :(

so you should be commenting much more on my blog with all this free time.