Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yelp,, & Augmented Reality

So the other day I stumbled upon one of the greatest things ever. Using services like Yelp have been you say...manual. You have to input where you are and figure out how far things are from's really quite a pain since it takes more than 10 seconds for my A.D.D. brain to compute all these things.

What if you could just point your camera at the world around and have you restaurant ratings, phone numbers, etc. just appear automatically. Kinda like a Heads Up Display. Well that's exactly what the new iPhone Yelp app does.

If you get the new download and shake the phone 3 times - I'm not making this up - a hidden feature called Monocle gets unleashed.

Monocle enables you to simply point the camera around you and you can see the ratings for bars, restaurants, and stores. Pretty nifty stuff.

Now truth be told I've heard about these Augmented Reality apps before in like Europe-land but I've never seen it with my own eyes....

...then I got to thinking... this is where danger usually occurs...

Why should Augmented Reality be confined to just food and shopping places? Why can't it be matched up to people. How rad would be that be to go to a train station and just point your camera at people and you could see what their ratings are?

Life would look like this:

(How genius is that picture? How about a nice big round of applause for my Friday evening. Me, paintbrush, and the internet. The sky is the limit.)

NOW, what if they went one step further and hooked up this PeopleYelp with like Facebook or like (or J-Date or or....). That would be nutso. You could basically walk around town and tell who is single, who isn't looking, and whether their friends give them one star or five.

Pretty soon the ultimate goal of humanity could be achieved whereby we don't have to talk or directly communicate with people to know everything about them.

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Anonymous said...

Shakes, your idea isn't as far-fetched as you think it might be. Check this out:

Specifically, at 6:47. It's not exactly the same but I'm sure you see the possibility.

rahul said...

Nice to know... india is rocking. :)