Friday, August 14, 2009

U2 at Wembley Stadium in London

The Bono

So this was my first concert I've ever really gone to by myself (well I saw Asian Dub Foundation in Central Park like in 2002, but I'm not sure if that counts) and let's just say it was a success. I ended up meeting a bunch of random foreign people and hung out with two girls during the show. I'm not gonna say that I'm suave, but let's just say that I'm not completely disgusting and unattractive.

The day was brilliant aside from the fact that I had to stay up until 4:30am London time doing some work thing. It's funny because in the past when I had a vacation day swamped by work by assistant would be sure to mark it down as a working day... now I don't really care because I know I'm not going to use all of my alloted vacation days anyway, so it's moot.

It's sorta like ordering pizza and putting the leftovers in the fridge only to throw it out in 2 days. What's the point of even putting it into the fridge?

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