Monday, August 3, 2009

these are the people in my neighborhood #2

Tonight a small Chinese man ran at me across the street, handed me his phone, and frantically danced in circles while I was waiting in line at a dosa truck. He was delivery guy and got lost and didn't know English

The guy on the phone yelling at him for being late and so he saw me waiting in some line and sprinted across the street while making some screeching noise (Chinese I suppose) and gave the phone to me and was like "Here you!" (or maybe it was a pun "Hear/Here you!"... but given the fact that his arsenal of English could be described as being limited - at best- this probably wasn't the case)

So the guy handed his and started jumping around yelling/loudly saying "ding BA na nu mA!" Again I suppose this was Chinese. Meanwhile I took the phone and the guy on the other end was like "Where is my food? Who is this? Are you Michael?!"

I was like "What? Who? No my name is not important. I'm not Michael. I'm a guy on the street" and then gave the phone back. I then took my dosa and left.

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