Wednesday, August 5, 2009

optometrists, liars, & puffs of air

One of the biggest scams out there is the optometrist. They basically make up this bullshit "law" that a prescription is only good for a year and than in order to get a refill on your contacts you have to have an up-to-date prescription....which means you HAVE to go to the optometrist.

Now this would be all fine and good if there actual job wasn't a total crock. Now at this point allow me to refine my venting, I'm directing this solely at the optometrists who are at like the mall. Because the reason they're a crock is because I could do their job without a degree.

Now I understand that some dudes will see if your eyes are healthy and all, and that's a fair response, but since I was only getting my examination to get a refill on my contact prescription so I wasn't looking for the full-on eye exam.

The reason why his job is a crock is because there's a machine that automatically does his job! I mean gimme a break. It's a machine where you place your chin on a plastic thingy and look into an eye hole and you see some picture of a red barn down a long dirt road....and the machine automatically focuses the image for you to "guess" your prescription.

It's ingenious! And takes like 30 seconds. After which of course you have to put your chin on another machine that blows puffs of air at you in order to blind you. This is considered to be a good thing.

But I digress. Basically the doctor can look at the machine's "guess" and start off with that prescription when he does his famed "Okay...number 1 or number 2?.....number 2 or number 3?" Test. It's highly technical. It's medicine's answer to the Excel goal seek function.

All this and I get the right to pay $140 after being demeaned when they make you read letters in Arial 10 point font that they know you can't read....BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE FUCKING ANSWERS FROM THE MACHINE WHICH ALREADY TOLD THEM MY PRESCRIPTION

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't your insurance cover your eye exam so it is basically free?