Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a stroke of genius

I think this year I'm gonna change things up a bit. I'm so tired of my birthday being on the same day of the same month, year after year. But alas what can I do? I'm sorta stuck with my birthday being the anniversary of....well.... the day of my birth. So there I was stuck in a rut.

Well this past weekend I went to the temple (Ganpathi Bapa Moriya!) and it hit me. Hindu gods don't use the Gregorian Calendar...they say nay. They go for something truer. Higher. Literally.

We're going to the moon, bitches.

Starting this year I'm going to start celebrating my birthday according to the lunar calendar. Which means if I'm calculating things correctly my birthday will no longer be at the end of January. No, no, no. It will now occur somewhere between the months of January and March, depending on the year. Now I can call my parents on random days like February 19th and start complaining to my folks that they totally missed my birthday.

Ingenious. Ingenious I say. And it will always keep people guessing.

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Samosas for One said...

How you gonna still my "why do people call birthday birthdays when they are really the anniversaries of our days of birth" musing and not give me any credit! That's just wrong man.'re not an only child, right?

Shakes said...

wait what? when did you say that? and besides i don't really pick at the problem with the term "birth day"... and yes, i have an elder brother

Samosas for One said...

Note to self: Do not post comments late at night. I meant How you going to steal my musing...I totally said that! I bet I told you that on IM one day.