Sunday, July 26, 2009

U2 (and me) in Dublin, Croke Park

And so there's the money shot...but let's see how we got there and go backwards like Tarantino..

Sitting in line outside Croke Park, only 6 hours before showtime

Sweet Jesus we barely made the cut-off to get the orange wristbands that will get us into the middle of the arena circle on the floor. Also orange complements my brown skin quite nicely. Quite.

Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!! Kaiser Chiefs were fantabulous as openers (and even Republic of Loose before them were okay)

Slappin' The Bass since 1976. Adam Clayton my favorite member

Who would've thunk that heaven was located in a crowd of weird people, smelly foreigners, and underneath an epic block of speakers next to a video screen?

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