Sunday, June 7, 2009

life, where stupid happens

So while getting cash from a Bank of America ATM I noticed the little counter on the side (where you can fill our deposit slips, write checks, etc) and noticed a calculator was there.

Now this seemed like a good idea. It's pretty practical if you think about it because how many times have you had to write a deposit slip and had to add up a bunch of things. Calculators are useful. They do math for us

But as I looked closer the calculator wasn't working. Typical stuff really. I mean frankly I don't really expect free helpful services to work. It's the Tragedy of the Commons at work.

But as I looked still closer (is that even possible?!?!) I saw that the calculator was solar powered. And it was indoors

Let me say this again. B of A put solar powered calculators indoors and hoped that they would work

Unless their lighting system was an indoor sun, that shit ain't working. Ever. We salute calculator providers. We salute you.

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