Monday, June 15, 2009

crackers make the world go around

There are a few laws of nature that readily apply in our normal, everyday world. They are as follows:

1) Slapping police officers tends to lead to bad things
2) F=MA
3) Frying things and/or using goat cheese is cheating when it comes to cooking
4) Sometimes there is a place in a wardrobe for tighty whiteys

However I would like to submit a 5th rule, no matter how bad a soup is, putting enough crackers in it makes it better

The ignorant reader at home, e.g. many of those reading this, would say "Hey, doesn't that basically just mean you're substituting the taste of the soup with that of crackers?"

Well yes, but to simply think that is to be shortsighted and perhaps even a Libertarian. Crackers are like a miracle HAZMAT cleanup compound. They find trouble and/or toxic foods, absorb them, and provide a vehicle for delivering them in a safe manner (to my belly)

Crackers solve problems. Which is more than I can say about summer interns.

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Anonymous said...

Why is goat cheese cheating?

Shakes said...

because goat cheese ALWAYS tastes good. always