Friday, May 1, 2009

Spot the Desi: "Ravi" from the Howie Do It show..

Desis, like tupperware, come in all shapes and sizes. While sadly at home tonight I flipped by the terrible Candid Camera rip-off, Howie Do It, with super weirdo Howie Mandel.

Well in the opening segment of the show....which they make seem like some sorta rock show they have a one-man band...the oddly named DJ Ravi.

Ravi as you can see from the picture is Sure.

The bio for our odd mixmaster on is quite a funny read, allow me to indulge in some snippits:
- "Two black discs can make a crowd go wild, but add an explosive performer, like DJ RAVIDRUMS* remixing live on the drums and percussion, and you have the most powerful party element anyone has ever experienced. " - Um, so basically he alone makes every place he goes to the greatest party ever? I beg to differ. My High School Soc Hop I went to in 1996 with Marlie Stewart was pretty off the hook and I didn't see no Ravi there.

-"DJ's such as Oakenfold and artists such as icons Tupac Shakur...crave the unbridled passion and electricity unique only to DJ RAVIDRUMS. - How can Tupac crave anything? He's dead. The only thing he can crave for is life.

-Having played all the hottest spots across the country, DJ RAVIDRUMS will conquer them all and make your party or event historic. - The irony of course is that he's on a TV show that is anything but historic. It's hard to claim you're the greatest life boat alive when you're floating around on the Titanic.

It's not that I'm a hater, nay. It's just easier to mock that's all.

*and no I don't know why he is called/labeled as "DJ RAVIDRUMS" as if his instrument is a part of his name. Or perhaps as they call him in the homeland, DJ Ravi Drumwallah.

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