Sunday, May 24, 2009


Random snibbits of convos from this past weekend at a wedding in Del Mar:

"The East Coast is only good for two things, and one of those things is Journey. My buddy called me while I was on the dance floor to play some new Weezer and I was like 'No the wedding band might play Journey, I can't talk to you' and hung up on him. And it was a fucking good Weezer song"

- Guy #1: Man where are those guys with my burrito? It's fucking midnight
- Guy#2 : I dunno, I just asked them to pick me up one too. I'm starviiiing
- Guy #1: Dude you fucked up. Big. I gave them $10. That creates a sense of accountability. Now they can't just go about their life without giving me a burrito. They're going to be thinking about one thing and one thing only while driving around, and that's to make good on their obligation
- Me: What if they just come back empty handed and give you back your ten bucks?
-Guy #1: Fuuuuck that. If he flies back to Japan without giving my burrito I will fly over there and demand he gives me one. It's no longer about the money and more. I need a burrito. I need a burrito.

-Guy #1: Those burritos are fucking amazing. They have potatoes in them. Imagine that. Fuck.
-Me: Shit. Yeah. Fuck.
-Guy #2: They don't have potatoes, they have french fries in them.
-Guy #1: What? I mean hello, are not french fries made of potatoes? I mean it's the same thing. Ha! Geez I mean think about it. Potatoes. I love burritos.

-Random Guy in Pool: Yeah we were listening to a Christian rock bank and the guitarist was really good and people were like where did he come from?
-Me: Hello?
-Random Guy in Pool: ...and it turns out he was the former guitarist from Journey. Then he got Saved so he's doing this now.
-Me: Hi. Saved from what?

-Photographer: Hi
-Friends: Take a picture of Shakes, he's single
-Me: Thanks..
-Photographer: Let's take a picture of you looking at the sunset
-Me: Um, okay.
-Photographer: But just look at the sun. Don't smile. Don't smile. I'm not thinking "smiling" right now.
-Me: Okay I won't smile. I won't think smile smile.
-Photographer: Good, perfect. You're gonna be happy bro. Don't smile on 3...(internal counting) Great.
-Me: Sweet. Thanks.


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