Monday, May 4, 2009


One thing which scares me is the notion of my mom getting on Twitter.

It would be all the fun of getting helpful comments from mom...except all day the ability to block it out, and no real ability to respond back. A typical day would look like this:

[07:02] MomTweet: "Look both ways before you cross the street"

[10:34] MomTweet: "Beware of the evil eye"

[13:15] MomTweet: "Haste makes waste"

[15:45] MomTweet: "Did you eat your veggies? You never eat them. That is the problem with you moving so far from home"

[17:10] MomTweet: "Colored clothes should be washed in cold water. Separate reds. Have you washed clothes lately?"

[20:39] MomTweet: "Chaddi"

[23:25] MomTweet: "Did you eat? Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?"

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witnee said...

i think a mom on facebook would be even worse.

photo comment: "why are you drinking out of such little glasses with people?"

"who is this girl? how fair is she? i can't tell from the picture, is she single?"

Shakes said...

oh that is a good one...or rather a terrible one. technology should be illegal for those born before 1965.