Friday, May 29, 2009

you the reader

Over the past few days, several tremendously awesome comments have come from this old old post I did on this clown Reggie Benjamin a purported Indian popstar...who well, has no following

But the comments are just spectacular:
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reggie Benjamin is a liar, horrible singer, a thief, and an asshole in general. He is a waste of skin.

7:31 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

con artist!!!!!!!!!!! looks like a nasty transvestite . stardust........... yeah right. ur nobody. top it off ur woman lies for u. once she gets out of la la land she needs to leave ur ass

I've heard of nasty shit before but I've never heard of a person being a "waste of skin." That's epic. Or the other one claiming he is a "nasty transvestite." That is just bizarro.

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