Monday, April 27, 2009

things I did not like about today

In the picture to the right from CNN the base of my work building is seen sticking out

1. Watching a 747 come straight and very very low towards our work building (~200 yards away) while looking out of a window on the 48th floor and then evacuating by running down the stairs and sitting in Battery Park for an hour with masses of people from work

2. The guy from work who called me on my cell while evacuating asking if we were still going to do a client call while downstairs... People have fucked up priorities in life.

3. Watching other people make calls to their wives, husbands, and loved ones and meanwhile I had to think about who would care.

4. Just having bad memories from 8 years ago come back to me.

5. The delivery man for my Chinese food getting angry at me for having to wait at my door because I ordered food as I was leaving work, missed a train, and messed up my timing and then proceeded to write this run-on sentence

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Anonymous said...

That's a bummer of a day, dude. I would be happy to receive your call though! - With Love, Former Work Spouse :) P.S. I'm in finals--is that comparably bad?

Samosas for One said...

Man this day sounded like a downer. So since this happened in April have you made any resolutions to change things up?

Shakes said...

well i've made a pledge to try and get loved by more people. that hasn't worked out too well.