Monday, April 13, 2009

I can't read

I can read. I have a certificates to verify this. What's supposedly easier than reading is recognizing characters. But sadly I have not mastered it good enough to use during everyday activities.

So I'm trying to buy Ranger playoff tickets on Ticketmaster and I get the following Security Check know the sort where you have to input the character from an image to make sure you're not some automated computer program...

stage directions: scroll your eyes to the picture in top right and gasp in horror....although you undoubtedly already looked at the pic, thus ruining this crescendo of drama

What the hell is this shit? I think I'm pretty good at recognizing characters but what the fuck is this. How do I input "goddess 20 1/8"?

Is this some kinda joke? I'm like looking at my keyboard wondering "How the fuck am I gonna put a fraction in here?" Last time I checked I don't have a one-eighth key next to my Insert Button. Meanwhile I tried something and it promptly booting me out...and in those wasted 4 minutes I missed out on all first round playoff tickets.

Awesome. I hate Ticketmaster. And I hate the rape & pillage exercise that is known as StubHub.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the little button that says "Try another" wasn't visible to you until later.

Anonymous said...

I had to stare at the picture for about 20 minutes before I figured out the fraction was a "V."

That sucks.

Shakes said...

whoa. it's a V. i had no clue. hello blindness/illiteracy