Thursday, March 5, 2009

where have all the Virgins gone?

In one of the most heartbreaking commercial developments the worst thing imaginable will be occurring....Virgin Records Stores across the US will be closing by this summer.

The Time Square location is set to be the first to go followed shortly by Union Square and 4 others. The Union Square store is particularly painful because that used to be my favorite store in the city.

If you needed to kill some times before a move at Regal Cinema, go to Virgin

If you need a central location to meet up with friends on a Friday night, go to Virgin.

If you need to pee and you don't want to buy a drink at Coffee Shop across the square, go to Virgin.

No more. And so with that maybe this heralds the renaissance of local smaller music shops that used to dot the city until cheaper and bigger chain stores pushed them out. I mean I guess you could go to the numerous Best Buy locations which could satisfy those who enjoy nurturing their non-discerning musical tastes of top 40 music and exclusive Nickelback CD collections

Not that I would judge you or anything.

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Anonymous said...

the union square virgin was was my fave's where i saw mos def on a cold blistery night many years ago. now do i know any songs by mos def? no. nonetheless, i as well as famous people, could go there and enjoy.