Friday, March 6, 2009

poor Steve Liesman

Sitting at work all day with CNBC airing continuously from several TV's on the floor (we never put on Bloomberg TV...never!!!) one gets to know the anchors pretty well. It's sorta like weird characters on a bad soap opera. The shows from the informative but loopy Squawk Box to the grumpy Morning Call through to the painfully ignorant Power Lunch and down the list to Closing Bell and Fast Money.

All throughout the day the special analyst around from one show to another giving an odd sense of continuity. Now for every few zeroes (e.g. Charlie Gasparino, Dennis Kneale) there's an occasional hero (e.g. at times Rick Santelli...and sometimes he's off his rocker). But the true martyr is economist Steve Liesman

Steve Liesman must feel like slapping his co-anchors at least 4 times a day.

Steve has the task of trying to break down the impact of economic releases, new policy initiatives, and general breaking news. The problem is that it often places him in the uneviable position of trying to explain things to the other anchors who would rather yell loudly.

This phenomenon is clearest when CNBC pulls out their "market all-stars"....a medley of 5+ people who are placed in little boxes on the screen and then duke out the issue of the day. Each yelling barrage includes Steve trying to patiently wait and get a moment to actually articulate a point before invariably getting yelled over.

Eventually the mini-segment ends with Steve finally getting the last word but getting cut off because a commercial break is needed.

It's TV at it's worst.

I really feel for Steve. Over the past year he's grown more visibly frustrated. I'm just waiting for him to get up and start beating someone with a bat

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