Sunday, March 22, 2009

notes from around NY

New and notes from my adventures around the city today:

- While getting my haircut my barber came up with these two gems:
  • "I went to the police station in the Pocanos after I was having an argument with this guy who pulled out a gun on me. I told the cops and they asked "Was it real?" I was like muthah-fucker, I sees him pulls it out, it was black and metal, it looked like a gun. I ain't sticking around for it to go pop. Muthah-fucker"
  • "When you is somewhere you're not supposed to be, and bad things are a-happening, you run. I'm from a 3rd World country man, one thing I know is how to run. Run first, ask questions later"
- This afternoon I went bowling in Brooklyn at "The Gutter Bar." The place was cool and just as important, I had to ride the L-train for the first time in my life

- Drank at a place called Milk & Honey. It seems quiiite exclusive and the lack of a menu is quite intriguing . Basically you ask the waitress for a drink or some general characteristics in a drink that you're looking for and she comes back with magic. I think in the same vein as an old Groucho Marx saying (not to be confused with Karl Marx, like I did when I was younger) once an exclusive lounge lets me in, that meanst it ain't so exclusive.

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