Friday, February 27, 2009

fave U2 videos (the lovefest continues)

And so much like El Nino, the coming of a U2 tour every few years sparks a total U2 overload for me. The album officially comes out on Tuesday and with the hopes of seeing them in concert the next best thing is the endless TV appearances they'll make and new videos

With that I thought I'd take a step back list my top 5 U2 music videos...I repeat this is not necessarily my favorite songs (although if you asked for my Top 10, they'd come close)

1. One (restaurant version) - There's something about a guy dressed up like a total badass that makes a video the winner. The leather jacket Bono (actually he's wearing Edge's jacket) is a a winner. My favorite part is when Bono doesn't move his lips at 2:44 when the line is "love is a temple love the higher law ". To this day whenever the song plays and I sing along I don't say those words either. Be the Bono. Be the Bono.

2. All I Want Is You
- Perhaps one of the most artsy videos as the the video is really like a short movie. Plus it has girls and midgets and a circus. What more do you want? Furthermore the end leaves you the feeling of not knowing what the hell happened in the story

3. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
- Irish guys walking around Las Vegas....with the bassist checking out by hailing a cab. Good stuff. Plus the juxtaposition of a character singing a tune looking for religious and personal salvation in a city devoid of both answers is stunning. In the words Bono uses in the song "MoFo" several years later, he's looking to fill a God-shaped hole where there is no God. A fruitless and borderline tragic search

4. Where The Streets Have No Name
- It's LA, it's spontaneous, and it's probably the first U2 video that I can remember seeing. You can see it HERE

5. If God Will Send His Angels
- I love the album Pop and I like simple songs that look cool visually. Enter a diner in Detroit and a band singing plea to God.

Honorable mention:
- Windows in the Skies - Maybe it's not in my Top 10 U2 songs (although highly underrated) but the sheer editting work to make all the video clips appear to be singing their song is pretty awesome

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