Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trump to self: You're fired

Sometimes in life the simplest questions are the most important ones.

So Donald Trump has the show the "Apprentice" where he goes around acting like he's the greatest business mind of our era. Truth be told he has made good investments in things...

....but then Trump Casinos filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

This made my giggle like a mofo.

Last time I checked, doesn't bankruptcy tend to happen when you mess up? At some point shouldn't he try to be a wee bit more humble?

Surya, of former "Apprentice" contestant fame, if you're reading surely you have thoughts on this...

Does the Don deserve a nice smack with a baseball bat?

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1 comment:

surya said...

The Donald will have me "eliminated" if I comment on such matters fully. He's already fired me, surely this would mean death. He is a powerful man. I dare not invite certain destruction.