Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sayonara plans of going to Columbus

One thing which people themselves when they wake up in the morning is "How am I going to get to Columbus?" It's a common question with so many different possible answers. I think it was Stalin who was first asked this question. His answer of course was to take a cold city and rename it Stalingrad. While it isn't a constructive answer, it's one nonetheless.

But the correct answer is really "Why am I trying to go there in blizzard conditions?"

And so here I am. Still, the one that you love. While I made it to Cinci okay, the rest of my traveling crew did not (malfunction of the CD player which plays the pre-flight evacuation monologue led to a 30 minute "mechanical delay" ultimately led to the flight getting canceled because of progressively worse weather....terribly funny, yet horribly tragic).

So I'm stuck in Cinci with the timeless question of whether I push on to make the travel schedule or retreat. Sometimes in life you can have an honorable retreat. This was one of those times. America did it in Vietnam, and the Brits did it in India.

So my new question is if my flight back to NY will even leave on time....or ever. But that's a high quality prob, it's better than contemplating a 5 hour drive to Columbus.

Don't you ever wonder sometimes why you bother reading this blog?

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