Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello Cincinnati !!!

And so there I was, sitting at work at 5pm watching as all the flights to Cincinnati tomorrow morning were getting canceled one-by-one. The lovely combo of shitty weather in both New York and Cinci made this possible. Huzzah.

So with that I ran home (not literally, but I walked with strong intent), packed, and ran out to make the flight tonight.

While takeoff and the plane ride were remarkably comfortable two things struck me:

1. Regional jets do not inspire safety with me. If you ever wanted to wonder what it's like to be in a tin can with wings, a regional jet (or "RJ" for those who in the know) is like a tin can, only less secure.

2. Flying in the middle of a snow storm in a RJ is even less confidence inspiring. As the plane began its decent below the clouds it seemed cool to see the snow whipping by when all of a sudden I was like "Holy fuck! we have no Hudson around here!"

Well I didn't really curse aloud but you get the pic...And so here I am. We landed on a pure ice which I didn't think was possible. Frankly it was a little scary. Upon landing the ground staff greeted us with "Wow you guys are real lucky! They nearly canceled your flight!"

Which is sorta like saying "Well between the choices of common sense and getting 20 people to Ohio, we chose the latter!"

Well, I made it. Here I am. The one that you love.

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surya said...

i feel like the natural comment is..what the hell are you doing in cincinnati?

Shakes said...

well although unexpected your question is logical...i'm here for some mid-week sight seeing. I heard January was a lovely time. Well that reason and a biz trip