Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Desis being desi: The Cincinnati edition

There is nothing more disheartening than watching every flight that could take you home get cancelled before your eyes. It's sorta like Indiana Jones is reaching out to save you from falling off a cliff and while you have a hold of his fingers you caaaan't quiiiiite hooooiiiist yourself back up....leaving you to fall many miles below like the Road Runner.

That being said the Continental people were quite at finding me a spot on a 5pm Delta flight . Bad weather cancellations are funny because sometimes you can actually get home earlier than you were supposed to as flights from the morning have gotten delayed enough for you to jump aboard.

Poetic waxings aside it is this environment of limited supply, fortuitous luck in getting a seat, and the general desire of wanting to get out of Dodge which brings us to our Indian moment of the day. An elderly man who had been miraculously re-booked from our delayed/canceled 6pm Conti flight to the 5pm Delta had a complaint.

While others were scrambling to get seats he looked the ticket lady straight in the eye and said "Um, yes HELLO. Yes. Yooou had me seated in 8D, "D" as in "dog" and what I WANT is to be seated IN the 4C."

Uhh. Are you serious? Dude you should just count your lucky stars and be on your merry way. Now to be fair what the guy was getting at is that he was originally booked on first class and he wanted to remain that way on the Delta. When the lady simply said "we want to get you on the earliest flight" it didn't really seem to resonate with him. Getting to New York 24 hours later but in first class was preferrable to getting home tonight. At some point, in the words of my friend Nate, "at some point you just say, what the fuck?"

Way to go desi, you've done us proud. Luckily your stupidity does not take you to #1 on today's list. You've been outdone by the asshole who I spotted in the Cincinnati airport smoking lounge....and had his kid on his lap. Good work crackfuck.

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culturedrone said...

crackfuck?! that's a new one (for me anyway). I like it, and will use it. frequently.

Shakes said...

yeah that is entirely my own creation. i love hybrid curse words. i took a bad word and stepped it up a notch.