Thursday, January 22, 2009

broken ribs, the doctor's office, & Nerds

Going to the doctor's office is a lot like going to the missing baggage office at the airport. People only go when there's something wrong and generally speaking it's a miserable experience. You don't really go to the doc's office to state that everything is just peachy with your body.

I mean I guess you could but you'd have to have some serious time management/allocation problems.

The part which really makes waiting nearly 2hrs past your scheduled time worthwhile is seeing all the other characters in the waiting room. It's during times like this that I realize that if I were to ever go on trial, a trial of my supposed peers would be a scary thought indeed.

It's like nutso city in a waiting room. Random people yelling, lots of foreign-speak, and there's always the old person in the corner who looks like they're dying.

That's real good for morale.

When I finally made it to my servant doctor he proclaimed I had broken a bone. So there we have it. At the new age of 31, I have suffered my first broken bone.

At this point he figured why stop there and suggested that I try a new diet based on my high blood pressure. Great. Taking a look at the thing was ridiculous. There idea of the amout of fruit I should eat for lunch surpassed my entire fruit intake over the past 3 decades.

There was no way this thing was gonna work and so I treated myself to a dinner full of alternative fruits. Namely Cherry and Watermelon Nerds.

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Anonymous said...

Shakes, I'm reading this at work, the part about your fruit intake and laughing out loud. But I have to do you...uh...go to the bathroom...uh if you do not eat roughage...In other words, how do you poo and how are you alive?


Anonymous said...

Rush seems to be very concerned about you and your well being. Marry her.