Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bievenue a Montreal !!!

I hate Montreal.

People often ask me, "What is a great moment of tragedy in your life Shakes?

Well I've had loved ones pass, I watched my dog get hit by a car in front of me, I once did so-so on my Physics 131 Final in college.

But all those things didn't change me as much as the events which followed 4 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall...

...When I was 15 the Kings lost to the Montreal Canadians in the Stanley Cup Finals. 4 games to 1. It broke my heart, especially since 3 of the games went to OT (which the Kings lost all of them).

Fast forward 16 years and I've decided to fly to Montreal to watch my beloved Kings play the Canadians with my dad. Quite a trip. And there we were this afternoon ...the Kings were up 3-2 with three minutes remaining... and because of shitty refereering (both refs were from Montreal!)...the Habs scored twice and the Kings lost 3-4

And so now I'm here until tomorrow and today's high of 7 degrees Fahrenheit feels that much colder.

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