Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kings vs. Blue Jackets @ Columbus

Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio

Kings win 3-0, to give goalie Jonathan Quick (great goalie name) his first win/shutout of the year. The funny moment of the night occurred after the Blue Jackets had a goal disallowed (the second time for them in 3 games). When the verdict was confirmed by replay, the fans chanted "Toronto sucks" in reference to the fact that the league's central replay center is in Toronto.

Smart taunting is funny. Having Boston Celtics fans chant "Beat LA" while still playing the 76ers since it's in their last game prior to the Lakers/Celtics Christmas match-up is one thing, but yelling that a city sucks even with no reference or animosity to the team that plays their (the Leafs) or their players is hilarious.

Sadly for Jackets it was the loudest the fans got all game.

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