Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drinks on a Plane, Part 1: the Taco Bell postulate

One of the most amazing innovations in recent modern history has been Taco Bell's ability to create a seemingly endless variety of new dishes using only the same 7 ingredients.

Mathematically we can define the number of permutations that cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, chicken, and a tortilla can have as:

P(7,7) + P(7,6) + P (7,5) + P(7,4) + P(7,3) + P(7,2) + P(7,1)

Or put verbally, the summation of the number of dishes with 7 ingredient combos plus 6 ingredient combos plus 5 ingredient combos ingredient combos.

And yet Taco Bell has found a way to take this answer of 8,660 (yes that's the real number) and wave a big greasy finger in the air at math by trumping this number by rolling out a new dish every day. Taco Bell is doing things that math can't even contemplate, such as double cheese and meat dishes.


This concludes Part One of a two part series on seemingly long essay with little value.

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ZenDenizen said...

@*#($*@(%! I thought I cornered the market on desi blogs with postulate in the title.

Pat Martin said...

Love it! I was missing my discrete mathematics course when I thought to myself, "What is Shakes thinking today?" Lo and behold, permutations! Yay!

Anonymous said...

"wave a big greasy finger" hahaha.. what an excellent post!
Now I'm at 143 points :)