Sunday, November 9, 2008

What would a Desi do?: Union Oyster House

Okay this is the scene: You're Indian and you are at the Union Oyster House on a weekend trip to Boston. It's the oldest restaurant in America, founded in 1826.

Over 182 years of history, but I digress. You sit down at a your table and you spot a bowl of crackers at the table. What is the first thought in the mind of a desi?

A) You only take the crackers that you need and leave the rest.

B) You don't find anything odd on this occasion and continue on your merry life.

C) You think about taking all the crackers.

The answer is C.

Without hesitation. Without wondering when you will need to eat them or if you even life crackers. It's free and therefore you take it. You must take it. It's your obligation. It's your duty.

That my friends is what a desi would do.


ZenDenizen said...

That's a shame.

Pat Martin said...

Uh, hi Shakes! Forgive my ignorance...what's a Desi?