Friday, October 31, 2008

This has been a long long year. Sometimes a year passes, you wake up on New Years and you say "Man I can't believe 1997 is already over! I can't believe Boris Yeltsin is no longer in power, I never saw that one coming!" But this year has felt like a year. Even the past 10 months has felt like a year. I'm going to wake up on New Years Day and be like "Man, 2008, now that was some decade."

And while I can though wallowing in my own pains, struggles, yadda yadda yadda on a Friday night you get texts like these......and with that nothing else seems important. It's one of those things where sometimes we forget that others would feel priveleged to have our problems. And even if you question that, at least you've got your health.

The part I've left out thus far is that when I saw the text pop up on my phone I first thought it was from a family member and watched my heart dropped thinking it was in reference to an uncle. When I realized that it wasn't I became slightly relieved. And having that moment of relief makes me feel even more terrible for my friend.

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