Monday, November 3, 2008

'Twas the Night Before the Election

Twas the night before the Election, when all through the land
Every voter was stirring, even those registered with ACORN's hand
The candidates had spoken, all their ads had been aired
Even the stupid ones, that kept bringing up Bill Ayers

Two years ago more than a dozen candidates had started
We're left with the black one and the old guy who can't tell if he farted
Now the VP's are interesting, Biden's comments are a hoot
But Palin I think, has a brain full of fruit

Most of the focus has been on the battleground states
They're campaigning there every where, every place, every date
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia too
Hopefully they can turn a few of them blue

We've seen McCain act more than once a bit erratic
Whether it's his VP pick, his debate style, or suspension dramatics
Obama on the other hand started charismatic, fiery, and leaner
He's now shown himself to have a calm, cool demeanor

Tomorrow, no matter what happens, history will be written
Whether it's our first black President or a second-in-command vixen
So when you sleep tonight think hard and think clear
Who do I want, a smart man or being one heartbeat from fear?

Now I know my poem has been a little bit biased
My pick for President is a person I think of the highest
Whether you root for McCain or Obama like me
The key is to to vote or you someone shall pee.

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