Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seasonal Depression, Michael Phelps, & M*A*S*H

People often come up to me and say "Shakes, I like the way you smell." But that's neither here nor there.

Right now you like millions of other Americans are suffering. Suffering alone. Suffering together. Suffering without understanding why. Suffering without even realizing that you are suffering.

But the symptoms are all familiar. Over the past week you've been coming home after work/school/yoga and just felt...empty. Ladies and gentlemen it's okay. I understand. It's okay to cry.

You are suffering from Post-US Open-Summer Olympics-DNC-Hurricane Gustav-RNC-General Election-Election of Obama Withdrawal. Syndrome Or more commonly known as P.U.S.O.O.D.H.G.R.G.E.E.O.E.W.S.

You see all summer you've had something to come home to at night to capture your imagination and to wrap you up emotionally and now you have nothing to watch.

The summer started with the US Open, which always causes long nights, especially on the East Coast. This led right into the Summer Olympics when I actually understood every type of swimming stroke. Staying up to watch Michael Phelps just qualify for a final was awe inspiring.

The Olympics quickly gave way to the Democratic National Convention that culminated with The Dark Knight's outdoor speech in Denver. The Republican National Convention shortly followed with a small blip for Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Depression Sarah Palin.

After the sprint to November 4th history was made and when all was said and done.... there's nothing until January 20th.

And so here we are. Just sitting and watching TV aimlessly. Sure there's football and hockey and basketball and even Dancing With The Stars. But it's not quite the same. Everything sorta feels like you're watching M*A*S*H. Oh sure it's a good show and you'll watch the whole episode if it's on TV, but no one turns the TV on with the explicit goal of watching M*A*S*H.

It's ok. We'll make it through this. Yes we can.

Yes we can.


ZenDenizen said...

Holiday season will start up soon and we'll get to drink with people we don't really like anyway. All will be right with the world then.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you are a jackass and the seasonal depression is just karma.