Thursday, November 27, 2008

being 7, MacGyver, & garage doors

In the opening sequence of "MacGyver" there is a scene where Richard Dean Anderson is running and then slides under some sorta closing door while escaping bad guys. As a kid this was a striking sight.

Like most smart children I decided to recreate this scene from TV. For all the people who have studies claiming that children are not influenced by TV are dead wrong. TV provides a great template to little kids everyone of fabulous stunts that their imaginations cannot yet devise.

Seeing that 7 year olds are rarely pursued by bad guys I had to improvise. Enter the garage door.

I figured that if I closed the door and then sprinted towards it I could slide underneath just like Macgyver. It all sounded so beautiful in my head.

So with that thought I hit the close button, towards the door, tried to roll/slide underneath when blammo! ....I didn't quite make it through. I was stuck. The door closed on me and I was pinned on my back. MacGyver never got stuck like this...or if he did it was edited out from the final cut. Hmph.

Ordinarily we would've thought that this was it for our hero. But to that I say nay. Let's just say that as a 7 year old I showed a wonderful sense of risk aversion. Before trying my stunt I decided to take the garage door opener from the car and place it near the bottom of the door just in case something went horribly awry. Lo and behold it did.

And so instead of being pinned down and squirming in a garage in Fountain Valley for the ensuing quarter century I survived to write about it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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witnee said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps. are you sure this didn't happen yesterday?

Shakes said...

you shut up when you talk to me. this totally did not happen yesterday. it was a little earlier than that.

seeks said...

the tv show never showed how many times macgyver had to practice that slide with his garage before he would go out on assignments. besides, i'm pretty sure he could make any surface slippery enough to slide like that with whatever everyday items were in his path.

Shakes said...

it's a good point. basically that MacGyver qua MacGyver, anything is possible. and if it weren't then you're just forgetting that he's MacGyver. the logic is circular, but then so are Cheerios, and we know they ring true.