Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anthony Roberson: a $700,000-aire

One of the most stories franchises in all of sport is the New York Knicks. The Knicks haven't won a championship in decades and lately they're a sorry excuse for a basketball team. But one thing they value more than anything is paying lots of money for bad players.

It's a part of a tradition.

The Knicks don't let little details like old age, lack of talent, or bad attitudes get in their way of paying egregious amounts of money to players for long term contracts

It really is a unique art that few teams could match.

Team Roster
21 Wilson Chandler SF 21 6-8 220 DePaul $1,173,480
25 Mardy Collins PG 24 6-6 220 Temple $1,034,760
11 Jamal Crawford SG 28 6-5 200 Michigan $8,640,000
34 Eddy Curry C 25 6-11 285
1 Chris Duhon PG 26 6-1 185 Duke $5,585,000
8 Danilo Gallinari SF 20 6-10 225
13 Jerome James C 32 7-1 285 Florida A&M $6,200,000
20 Jared Jeffries PF 26 6-11 240 Indiana $6,049,400
42 David Lee PF 25 6-9 240 Florida $1,788,033
3 Stephon Marbury PG 31 6-2 205 Georgia Tech $20,840,625
50 Zach Randolph PF 27 6-9 260 Michigan State $14,666,667
23 Quentin Richardson SF 28 6-6 235 DePaul $8,685,500
5 Anthony Roberson SG 25 6-2 180 Florida $797,581
4 Nate Robinson PG 24 5-9 180 Washington $2,020,179
31 Malik Rose PF 33 6-7 255 Drexel $7,647,500

It is the understanding of this propensity of paying inflated prices that makes NY Knick shooting guard Anthony Roberson so incredible. He is the only Knicks player to make less than a million dollars a year. At $797,581 he's a massive $203,419 from the seven-digit promised land.

What is preventing him from a million dollars? Clearly it's not talent, because that's not a prerequisite for any of the other players. Clearly it's not his size, at 6'2" he may be small by NBA standards but he's a full 5 inches taller than 5'9" starting poing guard Nate Robinson

I think if we cannot point the finger at the player we can safely say it needs to be pointed at the his agent, Chris Grier Luchy.

How the hell can Luchy blow this one? The team wants to overpay players. It's what they do, and what they do well. In fact to not allow the Knickerbockers a chance at overpaying a player is almost like an insult to the franchise and the city itself. It's an insult to every New Yorkers who has paid $4.00 for bottled water when a $1.00 Poland Springs sold by a streetside hot dog vendor tastes the same.

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Jump said...

The Knicks signed Roberson so they could keep Marbury inactive for the entire season. They would rather pay Roberson his $800K and flush Marbury's $20M down the toilet. As in,

So while Anthony doesn't technically earn $1M, he's worth a lot more. You're the math whiz, Mr. Shakes. Help me figure this one out.