Friday, October 10, 2008

Johnny Desi

One of the ways I demonstrate that I'm a mature young adult is that I take pictures of weird people at restaurants.

It is with this view that I caught a hold of this gem. Ladies, eat your hearts out, and guys....I guess you can do the same. It's ....drum roll....Johnny Desi.

The father of one, and husband to one red woman, Johnny Desi showed his true player self in Edison with the white jacked, and popped inner collar. It's a good look for those approaching their 40s

Also don't forget the other key ingredient in any high flying wardrobe, the white shoes

At this point many of you are probably thinking the same thing, "Shakes, what the hell is your problem?" Well let me answer your question with another one:

Do you think the Spanish were angry at Columbus for finding the New World?

Did Darwin hunt the turles on the Galapagos just to get his desired findings?

I rest my case


ZenDenizen said...

But how did you manage to get that photo? Seriously?

Shakes said...

i'm just that good. also i'm not afraid of desis seeing me blatantly take pictures of them. it's for the benefit of our people. in the long run.