Monday, October 13, 2008

2 cents

At some point if you're still an undecided voter, with only 3 weeks left and the longest primary season in memory, does that just make you an indecisive idiot?

I mean when you go out to eat and order a Coke and the waitress says "We just have Pepsi" do you still pause and think about it?

If you goto Target and you see that Colgate toothpaste isn't available, do you seriously consider the consequences for the next 4 hours?

I'm not saying that the voting choice is between two people who are similar, that in fact underlines my point. They're not similar....what are people still waiting to hear? If you seriously are looking at debates to sway your opinion and understand policy, then you are seriously mistaken.

You should look at their websites or something to get policy plans....use the debates to look at their body language not 5 point plans.

Ok? Ok. Good.

At some point you either shit or get off the pot.


ZenDenizen said...

Yes seriously. Everytime they pan to a bunch of brain dead undecideds, I want to throw something at the tv. There is such a vast difference between the two, I wonder how these people figure out which pant leg goes first in the morning.

Shakes said...

that's a trick question. it's the right leg