Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm not smart enough for sunglass stores anymore

I like to consider myself as being sorta bright. I can count up to double digits with the best of them. Confidently, may I add. But one thing I don't think I'm good at anymore is sunglass stores.

I used to be good at them, but not anymore. I used to be able to separate the men's section from the women's section, but now everything looks the same. Women wear aviator glasses and guys wear glasses that look like something Jackie O would wear.

As a result whever I walk into Sunglass Hut (which by virtue of living in New Jersey and being an avid fan of Mall Culture, means every other weekend) I just stumble around aimlessly hoping to see a sign that says "Men's". I've never seen one yet. Instead I go towards something which I know is definitely male eyewear, Oakley, and try to guesstimate around there.

It's not easy being me.

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