Tuesday, September 2, 2008

if Bush endorses you, is that a good thing?

So you're a kid who sucks. Like everyone hates you. A lot. In fact you have the worst approval rating of any sitting President since the Depression...err...there are lots of polls that people don't like this kid. Now how valuable is it for this kid to give you a ringing endorsement?

I would argue that Bush giving his two thumbs up to McCain is not exactly like Abraham Lincoln tapping you on the shoulder saying you're fit for the job.

During all the recent talk about executive experience, President Bush has the most amount in terms of years but I would say he's the least qualified.


Also during Bush's most bizarro televised speech what was the deal with people taking pictures of the big screen? The moment I saw flashes I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. I mean do you sit in your living room and take pictures everytime Bush appears? (this picture taken for el bloggo withstanding... I do that for you)



ZenDenizen said...

And what was with Waldorf, I mean Lieberman? He came off as someone with no integrity. He went from green to red faster than Kermit in a blender. That's right, I'm milking your Muppet / Political metaphors for all they're worth.

Shakes said...

way to work the metaphor...Lieberman basically ended his national role in politics if McCain loses