Tuesday, August 26, 2008

textual seduction

You know a date to the movies is going really well when you see the goofy couple next to you decide to text each other back-and-forth. I noticed this dynamic duo sitting next to me and knew they were texting each other because each press of the green "send" button resulted in a small giggle from the other person.

I mean I guess what would've really turned things up a notch would be if they like....um....just talked to each other. I mean after all, I took this pic while the previews were still going.

Also, what is the etiquette around alluring someone with texts messages? Are you supposed to use emoticons or is it oddly more alluring to just use the raw characters instead? Like instead of seeing a yellow smiley face, maybe people want to see this :)

The raw characters have an old-skool flavor to them. Or something. Also are you supposed to use complete words or are common acronyms allowed? IMHO I would think that since people never really LOL (they usually just Laugh In Loud to themselves) that saying you're ROTFL or LOL'ing would be akin to a lie. Lies are not seductive in the text world


ZenDenizen said...

free association

textual seduction

sensual seduction

sexual eruption

snoop homage to prince

prince = genius

therefore, this post is genius

flawed logic I know, but I'm just trying to avoid work...

Trim Shady said...

Why don't you blog about your own dates ;-)

Shakes said...

if i blogged about my own dates this blog would be very empty.