Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic fever: part 1

One of the most annoying things in the world besides rabid school children on planes are the Olympic announcers for men's gymnastics. Watching gymnastics on TV makes the whole sport seem excessively negative.

First of all the commentators feel the need to babble every second.... like there's no moment of silence. Ever. Secondly all they ever talk about is the one-tenth deductions that some guy is getting for breaking the movement of their hip, taking a step upon landing, flinching while on the pommel horse....

It's annoying. You wanna just tell them to shut up. It's sorta like the summer Olympic version of figure skating. The sports start becoming all about commenting on mistakes versus what they're doing right. Even when they're complementing a guy it's backhanded at best.

My favorite line today was "Great performance, he did the best...for him." That's like saying "well by his standards he did terrific! Good job! If there was a gold medal for athletes of your low quality, you'd win it!"

Also, is it just me or was there something a bit weird about the US men's team gymnastics team the other day. I'm all for team spirit and stuff...and arguably the positive vibes helped push them towards their bronze....but hearing their rebel yells was bizarro. I heard at least 5 times guys yell after a routine "That's how we roll! Yeah!".

Uhhh, dude, you're rotating around on a pole, you're not rolling in a crew six deep with DMX. You're not exactly robbing a bank and beating people with wooden planks.

This was second-only to Justin Spring (above) who told the NBC camera's "What's up America?!"

Um yeah. Righto. Your street cred points given your badass lingo: negative four.

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